Saturday, April 12, 2014

That Rhythm in My Head: I Lost an Hour to an MRI

There was a bird in the room. A bird who seemed to be hooked up the a respirator system. Playing the drums. Tweet, wheeze, tweet, wheeze, tweet, wheeze, boom boom boom boom. (Repeat for the next hour of your life…)

They put headphones on me and played the radio. Like that could drowned out the sound of the machine. I waited for them to check on me so I could ask them to turn the music off. It was turned up so loud that I was getting a headache.

The headache was inavetabel. I know this, I always get a headache when I get an MRI. I know that the electric magnet was slicing through my brain taking pictures as it went. If I moved they may have to do that section again. So I lay still. As still as I can. This is made easier by the vice they have my head in. With a mirror tilted so I can see me feet and another tilted so I can see back out over the top of my head. The two contrasting perspectives make me dizzy so I close my eyes.

I start to feel a twitch in my back. It starts to be painful. This is also normal and I'm expecting it. I fight on. I know by the degree of pain that we are almost done. The doctor only ordered the images of my brain and neck this time. Without contrast. The contrast makes it worse. They inject a die into the blood so things are illuminated better.

And then at last I am done. I can get dressed and go.

A week later the nurse calls to let me know that they think they saw an inflamed disk in my spine but because they didn't go lower than my neck they need to do it again. Yeah! I told the doctor I've been having headaches. It's always a bad idea to tell the doctors what's going one. I knew that.

The problem was that this was last December. Just a week  before we moved. So I told them I couldn't do it and will have to do it with my new Neurologist her in Wyoming. That put off the MRI, but not the headaches.

The good news it, when I started my workout program in February, I also started drinking Shakeology®, and since then, I haven't had a bad headache. Is it the workouts, or the supperfoods. I have no idea. But I will still get that MRI, and I will still workout, and I will still drink my yummy shakes.

I will still fight and I will still win. There is nothing that will hold me back.

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