Monday, September 30, 2013

Being GF. It's Not Just a Fad!

Each time I had a baby I made the goal to get that dreaded baby weight off before I had another one.

I did it. And I've had four babies. I used a few programs that worked for me. I jog, I have an elliptical machine, I have workout videos (no really! I still have the videos I used in high school! If it works...) & DVDs, I cut sweets (except chocolate), I eliminate simple carbs...

So when I read last summer that studies have started to suggest that gluten was a trigger for MS symptoms, it seemed like a no brainer! Well duh! I've always done better when I had cutout wheat! 

Sunday, September 15, 2013

And it Starts

A few days ago I started having pins and needles in my toes. The right side. It's always the right side.

For me, pins and needles is the precursor to something more.
I have also had them in my face. I've had that lovely sensation for the past year or so. This was actually what pushed me into going gluten free. So far, it's worked. But that's really all I've eliminated. Perhaps it's time to farther scrutinize my diet. 

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A Journey for Health

I started this blog at a time in my life when the world was being knocked out from under me. (More on that later!) I had been thinking about a new blog for ages. But I already had a blog! A good blog. That I love!

So this is why I've created my 2nd blog: 

I didn't want to spread the topics too thin. Ranch Mama talks about life on the ranch from a city slicker's point of view. She talks about her kids. She talks about her travels. 

But I am also a health nut. Who has multiple sclerosis. I needed a place to be that. 

This is a place for me to record what I do. It's mostly for me. But I want to share with others so if I can help others, even if its just to say, "you aren't alone!" Then I will have done more than I could have dreamed.