Friday, November 1, 2013

Beast Mode

Today is the first day on November. Two months to go and it's 2014.

So what happens in 2014?


I turn 40! 

So what am I doing to celebrate my mid-life crisis? I'm getting into shape! Care to join me? 

I'm joining some wonderful people I've met on Instagram. Come follow @missionfitchick and post a daily fitness photo. Hashtag it #missionfit2013. 

I'm also documenting it here. 

I'm good with my weight, although I still have about 10lbs left to loose to get back to where I was before my last pregnancy. I want more strength, and tone (still a little muffin going on). I'm not happy with my old-lady-flat-butt. That's a new look for me that I don't plan on keeping. Squat time! 

So here I go, join me! Come on! We can do this thing! 

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