Monday, March 17, 2014

Giving Yourself a Chance

One of the things I've always believed in has been fitness. But wait, I'm not a jock! I wasn't on any teams in high school.

Well, I did play on a church basketball and volleyball team when I was 12 and 13. But I quit. I quit at 14 because I sucked. I was the worst on the team. I had no coordination. I couldn't remember the rules of the games and got mixed up on which way the ball was going. I just made a fool of myself.


I was 12 and 13! I was on a team that had girls from 12 to 18! Of course I sucked! When I compared myself to the seniors! If I had kept playing, kept trying, I might have even been good enough to go out for a high school team. But I gave up before I had ever given myself a chance!

That's something I've always regretted.

But it's a lesson I've always remembered. How often in life do we not even give ourselves a chance because we don't think we can?

Well, I'm stopping this line of thinking today.

I am going to climb new mountains. Hahaha.

Ok, whatever.
Just wanted to share!

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