Monday, September 30, 2013

Being GF. It's Not Just a Fad!

Each time I had a baby I made the goal to get that dreaded baby weight off before I had another one.

I did it. And I've had four babies. I used a few programs that worked for me. I jog, I have an elliptical machine, I have workout videos (no really! I still have the videos I used in high school! If it works...) & DVDs, I cut sweets (except chocolate), I eliminate simple carbs...

So when I read last summer that studies have started to suggest that gluten was a trigger for MS symptoms, it seemed like a no brainer! Well duh! I've always done better when I had cutout wheat! 

Well, actually cutting it all was harder than I thought. I kept forgetting and then would pop something in my mouth. Oh wait! How do you test to see if the pasta you're making for the family is done? Dang it! 

But a year ago this month I really did it! And it's been a year! Yay me! 

Ok, but to be honest, I totally binged this last weekend. I made brownies for my son's class at school and they were really good. Just too much. Which is sad because I have come up with the most amazing gluten free chocolate cake you could ever dream of. No really! I actually thought about opening a GF bakery after I made it.... But there would only be one thing on the menu! 

So how do I feel after a weekend of figuring that I had already blown it, so I might as well eat this too, and then that, and that and that....? 
My lips are tingling like mad (the tried and true first reaction when I eat gluten) and I've got myself a bad cold. Now granted my kids have colds too, so it was probably pretty inevitable that I would too, but I do wonder if my already weak immune system had a wicked few days. 

Who knows. So now I'm back to the grindstone! To get me a larger menu so I can open my shop. Ha!

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